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Tennis betting is the most popular betting activity after football. With tennis tournaments all year long, betting on this sport offers many opportunities. Below we list top recommended online bookmakers that can be used by users from all over the world, along with bonuses and reviews.

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Tennis Betting Options

tennis website offers a wide range of tennis statistics from match scores and tournament winners to player rankings. All data is classified in such a manner to easily check past results and Head-2-Head statistics, surface winning percentage and much more. Below is a list of betting options available for tennis betting with all above bookmakers:

Match – the full time result betting is the most popular betting type on tennis. The Match (12 betting) market is used to bet on the final result of a match: 1 for player 1 to win, 2 for player 2 to win

Over / Under – number of games betting in regards to a pre-established level. The Over / Under market is used to bet on whether the number of games will be over or under a pre-established level (ex: Under 19.5 will be a winning bet if 19 or less games are played during the match). Over/Under market can be available on each individual set as well, or number of sets during a match.

Handicap – result betting with a selected player given a handicap. The handicap betting market can be either Set Handicap or Game Handicap. The handicap is given to a selected player so that in theory, each player has a roughly equal chance of winning. The Handicap market is used to bet on full time result of a match where either player can win.

Handicap 3 Way – result betting with a selected player given a handicap. The Handicap 3 Way market is used to bet on the final result of the match, where either player can win or a tie is also possible.

Set Betting – betting on correct score for a tennis match. The Set Betting market is used to bet on the number of set played / won by each player (correct score)

Tie Break – betting on having a Tie Break during a match / set. The Tie Break market is used to bet on weather a Tie Break will occur during a match / set.

Double Result – result betting on two outcomes (set & match winning). The Double Result market is a combined bet of player to win First Set and player to win the match.

To Qualify – intermediary competition level betting. To Qualify market is used to bet on a player to qualify to the next round of the tournament

Outright – tournament result betting. The Outright market is used to bet on the player to win a given tennis competition

These are just a few of the tennis betting markets available with online bookmakers. Many more betting markets are available from combining the above options. With the above betting options explained and the statistics and probabilities calculated on, we are sure you will find some interesting combinations to try with the free bets and bonuses available from above recommended betting websites. Above listed bookmakers offer some welcome bonuses such as: Unibet offers €25 bonus, ComeOn offers €20 bonus, Ladbrokes offers €50 bonus, William Hill offers €25 / $500 bonus, Betfair offers €20 bonus, Betway offers €30 bonus. Bonus terms and conditions apply and the bookie reserves the right to withdraw a listed bonus without notice.

Sports Betting is a gambling activity and can create addiction. Betting on sports should be pursued as a recreational activity only. If you find yourself betting more than you afford to lose, has affected your social life or you are in need of thrills delivered by the betting experience, then seek help and support from organizations such as GamCare or gamblingAID.

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