H. Lewis

H. Lewis v Joao Menezes

Joao Menezes

H. Lewis v Joao Menezes H2H statistics

There is no data available for these two players.

Form Statistics

H. Lewis
Joao Menezes
Tables H. Lewis Joao Menezes
Total Total
Matches Played 8 8
Wins 1 4
Loses 7 4
Sets for 5 11
Sets against 16 9
Form Statistics are displayed and calculated based on the last 8 games played by each player.

Player Statistics

H. Lewis Joao Menezes
Rank - 181
Single Titles 0 0
Single Tournaments 1 0
Single Wins (Matches) 0
Single Loses (Matches) 1
Total 1 0
Values for Player statistics are for the year 2020