Valencia Women Double Challenger Women - Doubles - Spain 2023

Challenger Women - Doubles Valencia is a tennis tournament played in Spain. There are 14 players competing in the 2023 Women Double season. Among the players competing in the Valencia are Esquiva Banuls/ Fita Boluda, Bouzas Maneiro/ Maristany, Gabueva/ Khromacheva, Bolsova Zadoinov/ Gamiz. Browse below for the Valencia match results and fixtures, tennis trends or over/under number of games among other various statistics like 1st Set win sequence or set winning averages.


Bolsova Zadoinov/ Gamiz has won 80.00% of sets played in all Valencia matches

Players – Set Performance

Player NamePerformanceMatchesAverage
Bolsova Zadoinov/ Gamiz 32 2.50
Gabueva/ Khromacheva 33 2.33
Fomina/ Tjandramulia 02 2.00
Bouzas Maneiro/ Maristany -21 2.00
Esquiva Banuls/ Fita Boluda -21 2.00
Lizarazo/ Perez Garcia -21 2.00
Data in above table is calculated for Set Performance as number of sets won minus number of sets lost along the tournament.


Matches of... Total games score (player + opponent)
Avg. over 22.5
Bolsova Zadoinov/ Gamiz 28.50 50.00 %
Bouzas Maneiro/ Maristany 20.00 0.00 %
Esquiva Banuls/ Fita Boluda 26.00 100.00 %
Fomina/ Tjandramulia 14.50 0.00 %
Gabueva/ Khromacheva 26.00 66.67 %
Lizarazo/ Perez Garcia 14.00 0.00 %
Tournament Avg.   36.11%
Data in above table is calculated from finished matches only.

Clean Sheets

Player Name CS Pld Perc.
Gabueva/ Khromacheva 2 3 66.67%
Bolsova Zadoinov/ Gamiz 1 2 50.00%
Fomina/ Tjandramulia 1 2 50.00%
Bouzas Maneiro/ Maristany 0 1 0.00%
Esquiva Banuls/ Fita Boluda 0 1 0.00%
Lizarazo/ Perez Garcia 0 1 0.00%
Data in above table lists the number of clean sheets (matches with no lost sets) out of total matches played by each player in this tournament. All finished and retired matches are counted towards these statistics.

Form – Win Sequences

Player NameWin 1st SetSet Win%
Bolsova Zadoinov/ Gamiz2 80.00%
Bouzas Maneiro/ Maristany0 0.00%
Esquiva Banuls/ Fita Boluda0 0.00%
Fomina/ Tjandramulia0 50.00%
Gabueva/ Khromacheva0 71.43%
Lizarazo/ Perez Garcia0 0.00%
Data in above table lists consecutive 1st Set wins by each player. When 1st Set is lost, data is reset. Set Win percentage shows the winning percentage out of total sets played by each player in this tournament. All finished and retired matches are counted towards these statistics.

The statistics for the tennis tournament Valencia are updated regularly, as games are played and results are processed. Data shown in these statistics is organized to make it easy to identify tournament trends and probabilities for future tennis games, something that TennisStats247 system uses to calculate the predictions for Challenger Women - Doubles Valencia. The Predictions section comes with updated daily tips as our algorithm calculates probabilities for various outcomes in tennis games and it improves as more tennis statistics are available from matches played.