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With many tennis matches played every day in tournaments around the world, TennisStats247 has created this section to select several valuable options to include in the tennis picks of the day. These selections are some of the best games to bet on in our opinion, with a valuable return on stake for a winning result. Check below for tennis picks for 30 November 2023.

Match predictions

 🎾 MatchesHomeAwayTips
Greece W15 Heraklion 5 Franziska Sziedat vs Caroline Brack1.125.8 View Predictions
World Next Gen Finals - Milan - Play Offs Arthur Fils vs Dominic Stricker1.742.3 View Predictions
Italy W25 Selva Gardena Carolina Kuhl vs Kathinka von Deichmann2.31.62 View Predictions

First Set predictions

 🎾 MatchesHomeAwayTips
Greece W15 Heraklion 5 Franziska Sziedat vs Caroline Brack1.24.33 View Predictions
Italy W25 Selva Gardena Carolina Kuhl vs Kathinka von Deichmann2.21.61 View Predictions
World Next Gen Finals - Milan - Play Offs Arthur Fils vs Dominic Stricker1.672.1 View Predictions

The above tennis picks have been selected from over 220 matches listed on TennisStats247 for today. Predictions for tennis games listed on this page include betting markets like Match Winner, 1st Set Winner, Over/Under (for total number of sets) and Over/Under (for total number of games). Tennis tips from this page are made available free of charge for anyone to check and use, and come with guarantee. If you decide to bet on any of these daily selections, you understand there is a risk of losing your betting stake – sports betting is a gambling activity and should be done within limits. Bet responsibly!

Note: Betting odds listed on this page are collected daily at 6.00 GMT and are subject to change throughout the day. The betting odds shown in this page are collected from several bookmakers from which we publish only the highest one for each outcome –the link redirection from prediction column is not necessarily linked to the bookmaker whose are published here. Please double check the odds value on your selected sports betting website.

How to bet in the Daily Picks?

TennisStats247 produces daily predictions for all tennis matches played. From the multitude of these tips, we select the picks of the day based on potential returns compared to the odds value offered by the bookmaker. There are daily situations where matches are priced incorrectly to the reality of possible outcomes. The daily picks make use of such differences to select games which simply offer higher winning returns at lower risks. However, betting picks listed on this page are in no way guaranteed. We advise against including these selections on a combined betting slip, but rather should be placed as individual bets. You could leverage your picks with welcome bonus packages which you could claim as a new customer on betting websites.

This section sees free tennis predictions published on a daily basis. We recommend checking these predictions regularly to get an idea of potential returns if placing bets after these betting tips. The winning percentages for Picks of the Day will surely be different from a day to another, based on matches identified, betting odds available and managed risks. Another factor is the number of tennis matches monitored daily: the more games are played in a specific day, the better the selections for the picks of the day.

5 Tips For Making Your Tennis Bets of the Day Winners

Betting on tennis can be a rewarding experience, but only if you are able to maximize your chances of winning. In this guide, learn the insider tips and tricks to ensure that you make the best tennis bets of the day!

Research and Study Recent Form

Before you make a tennis bet of the day, it is essential that you research and study the recent form of the two players. To do this, look at the results of their last 5-10 matches, paying attention to their win/loss record, performance in each match, game outcomes and set scores. This will give you an indication of the players' current form (strengths and weaknesses) which can play a role in determining who will come out on top in your betting.

Investigate Unfamiliar Players

When making your tennis bets of the day, it is important that you invest time into researching unfamiliar players. While it can be easy to make assumptions about a player based on their scores and match outcomes from previous matches, there may be factors at play which can have an impact on the result such as injuries, psychological issues or even change in weather conditions. By researching unfamiliar players before placing a bet, you will be able to gain a better understanding of who is likely to come out on top.

Analyze the Surface and Weather Conditions

It is important to understand that the surface and weather conditions have a significant impact on the outcome of a match. Players have been known to perform differently depending on what type of court they are playing on, while some players may find they are more at home in the windy conditions than others. Analyzing the surface and weather conditions before making your bet will ensure you make an informed decision when placing your bet.

Look for Injury Updates

Before making your daily picks, it is important to make sure you research the form and fitness of the players to ensure they are both in prime condition. Unfortunate injuries can have a substantial effect on the likelihood of one player winning, making it dishonest to place your bet without taking these into account. Check for any last-minute injury news or updates that may affect the outcomes of your bets.

Track Schedules and Suffering Fatigue

Keeping track of the match and tournament schedules should be a priority when placing your tennis bets of the day. Weekend competitions can take place back-to-back which can cause fatigue for certain players, reducing their chance of success. Make sure to check for any signs of successive losses or weakened energy threshold which may indicate that one player is suffering from exhaustion, thereby increasing your chances of making a winning bet.