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TennisStats247 offers free daily tennis predictions for matches played in tournaments all over the world. All tennis tips listed on this page are for the matches scheduled for today, with more predictions available on each meeting when going to the competition predictions page. TennisStats247 is using an advanced system created to produce the predictions listed in this section, which is basically an algorithm which learns and adjusts its probabilities for betting tips for match winner market and over/under number of sets among other options.

Check below predictions for games played today in various tennis tournaments:

Today's Tennis Matches & Tips

Turkey Predictions: Turkey - M15 Antalya 19

🎾 Matches Tips
Adrian Andreescu Stefan - Bogdan Bobrov
0 - 2 Finished
Jay Clarke - Nicolae Cazacu Dragos
2 - 0 Finished
Justin Engel - Evgenii Tiurnev
0 - 2 Finished
Sergei Pogosian - Lucio Carnevalle
0 - 2 Finished
Cengiz Aksu - Ju Kim Dong
2 - 0 Finished
Corentin Denolly - G. Saritas
2 - 0 Finished
K. Gasimov - Maxim Zhukov
0 - 2 Finished
Razvan Marinescu Mihai - Dmitry Popko
0 - 2 Finished
Ilya Snitari - Valerio Perruzza
2 - 0 Finished
Louroi Martinez - Sarp Agabigun
2 - 0 Finished

Tennis betting tips listed above are created for the Match winner market. The winner betting option is the main choice in tennis betting, with punters selecting the player to win match. It is simply a choice of predicting the winner, with no interest in set difference or number of sets played.

Match winner may be the most popular betting choice in tennis matches, but there are several other options to look at, like the Over/Under bets (in number of sets played, total games or tie-breaks, with the sports betting operator setting a value for the Over/Under and the punter placing bets on that value to go over or under during the full time match), Game Handicap betting option (where the bookmaker offers a handicap to one of the players so that the game match more balanced), set betting (betting on the correct score for the match) or set winner (simply selecting the winner of a particular set; eg winner of first set).

All tennis predictions listed in this section are offered free to use. There is however no guarantee offered for predictions on this page and on the individual pages of each individual tennis tournament. Regardless on the number of games and statistics processed and analyzed, users must remember that sports betting is a gambling activity and there is a risk of losing the stakes placed as bets. By continuing to use our website and predictions published, users understand the risks of losing their money while betting and no claims can be made against TennisStats247 or its partners. Bet Responsibly! For users 18+. If you have a gambling problem or know someone with a gambling problem, please see help!

Where to place bets on Tennis Matches?

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in betting, therefore with many similar bet options available among different bookmakers. Selecting the correct operator to make your bets in tennis can be tricky given the overwhelming offer. In this regards, some of the main treats to look in a bookmaker to bet on tennis (and other sports alike) are financial stability (making sure your betting funds are secure), license (to be licensed by proper governing bodies to offer betting services in your country, something that also adds a layer of security to users), and last but not least customer support. With all these filters applied we will get a lower number of online bookmakers to choose from, with several other differentiations we can use to select the brand to register. Promotional offers and betting odds value are something which will create value in the long run based on your betting behavior. Below we have created a list of online betting brands recommended for users in various markets.

Sportsbooks listed in this table come with a signup bonus available to new customers and betting promos for various events from tennis and other sports.

Are Tennis Tips really free?

Yes. TennisStats247 operates as a statistics website, gathering data and results from tennis matches from all over the world. With years of data on hand and fresh data coming in each day from new tennis tournaments, TennisStats247 has created a complex database which is used to produce predictions and result probabilities for each individual tennis match.

Are Tennis Predictions guaranteed?

There are no betting tips which can be guaranteed except for cases of unethical behavior between tipster and players of the game. Making such claims by services in the betting predictions industry raises serious questions regarding the fairness of the game, but most likely of the service itself. That is why we advise caution using websites claiming that their betting tips are guaranteed. A betting tips guarantee means the provider of the prediction to be able to stand behind its service and pay a punter using their services the potential winning in case of a losing tip. As there are no such real services on the market, but with most someone would do is offer a money-back on the paid tips, claiming any guarantee on betting prediction services should be looked at with a question mark. Understanding the risks in betting are part of being a successful punter by managing potential loses appropriately.

Is Winning in Tennis Betting easy?

Betting on tennis matches and winning these bets is not easy nor complex. Tennis is one of the most straightforward sport, with several types of data which can be used a player performance. These is clearly seen in the various betting odds available on match winner, with favorites and underdogs. But as in any betting activity, surprises are possible and even in unbalanced games, the underdog can make a win. For that reason, besides just analyzing game data and stats, we also recommend using a money management system which limits potential loses. A money management system offers ultimately a total budget value for placing bets, with bet values set at a lower limit to give the punter the option to spread the bets on multiple matches and hence limiting the potential of losing all money on a single bad prediction.

All You Need To Know About Today's Tennis Predictions

Wondering how to make more accurate predictions when betting on tennis matches? Today, experienced bettors are leveraging the power of data and analytics to gain strategic insight into upcoming games. From analyzing past matches to exploring current form trends, learn about our methods for predicting the outcome of today's tennis matches and winning your bets.

Analyze Current Factors Impacting a Match

By tapping into a range of sources, including match statistics and reports from others in the industry, you can gain valuable insight into the current factors impacting an upcoming match. Look for changes in weather, court conditions, recent injuries or illness, and other variables that can affect performance. Evaluate how each factor could influence the odds and consider if certain factors may make it more likely for one team to outperform its opponent. This type of analysis offers a reliable way to determine which matches are worth betting on!

Study the Recent Performance of Each Player

It is vital to know the recent performance of each player before making any predictions. Every athlete has a different style which may vary depending on the opponents they face. Checking out each player’s stats, head-to-head record and recent form can give you an idea of how they will likely perform in this match. Watch a few matches featuring each competitor to gain an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as any notable techniques or strategies they employ, so you can better predict their future success or failure in the upcoming match.

Consider Historical Stats and Head-to-Head Records

Tennis requires a specialized set of skills to win, so it's important to evaluate the success and defeat years for each player you're considering. Consider their overall record against specific opponents as well as recent wins or losses. Historical data can be used to complement both the players' current form and other considerations that could determine the outcome of the match. Also, look out for any injuries either one has had in the past, particularly if they have recently returned from an injury or healing period that could affect their performance in this match.

Compare Injury Status and Fatigue of Players

While the opponents' ratings and match history can inform predictions, it's also important to look at their specific injury status and fatigue levels which may affect their performance. If one or both players have sustained an injury during the off-season or had a lengthy recovery period ahead of this match, then that could play a significant role. Similarly, if either player has been playing for long periods of time without breaks – such as over successive weeks – that can lead to fatigue and reduce their capacity to perform well. It's helpful to consider both physical fitness and psychological fatigue when assessing potential outcomes.

Evaluate Court Surface Types and Locations

Court surface and location can also have an impact on the outcome of a match. For example, some players may perform better or worse depending on whether they are playing on grass, clay or hard court. Similarly, playing in specific locations with distinctive climates – such as a high altitude for example – can lead to different performance levels than usual. By evaluating the surface and location of a match before predicting outcomes, you'll get even closer to making accurate predictions regarding players' abilities and receive a higher probability of success when betting.